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Hollywood Hopefuls Given Acting Primer, Free Dose Of Reality

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Movie industry pundit releases free tell all Hollywood insider book, announces new acting resource site.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 5, 2007 -- If you've ever wondered what it's really like to be an actor filming a major motion picture, you're in luck. Hollywood author D.L. White is giving the world a free, insider's only tour, no acting lessons required.

Announcing the launch of his new resource site, Mr. White decided to forego the usual publishing logic by releasing his latest book 'Acting in the Real World: The Film Professional's Guidebook to the Job of Acting' as a free eBook download. The 145-page primer to the world of professional film and television acting is a veritable treasure-trove of insider tips, tricks and admonitions, gleaned from his nearly 14 years in the entertainment industry.

Covering everything from the audition to the last day of shooting, the author takes the reader through the day-to-day life of an actor before, during and after their time on a set. Outlining in detail the real world job requirements entailed in professional acting, the book offers a surprisingly candid look into an arena that is usually closed to anyone but the Hollywood elite.

Written matter-of-factly and without the usual hyperbole, or industry jargon, D.L. White hopes that the book will not only appeal to Hollywood hopefuls, but to anyone who has ever wondered what the life of a professional actor is really like. "There is so much hype and mis-information out there," he said of the job, "I wanted to give actors a solid resource that would enable them to have a meaningful career." Acknowledging the difficulties of marketing an acting book in a crowded marketplace he said, "Actors are literally bombarded with 'how-to' books, seminars, workshops and gurus. It's more important to me that the people who really need this information have it. So, I just took myself out of the 'dream profiteer' loop."

While the book is available for purchase in paperback form, Mr. White says that making money was never the primary motive. "Ultimately I really believe in this book. The information in it is rock solid and it's stuff that every actor really should know if they want to pursue acting professionally." The author further reiterated his pledge to donate 20 percent of the net proceeds from sales of the paperback version through the end of February to the American Heart Association.

D.L. White has just completed production on a music video for Los Angeles artist Fontaine and plans to take time off to promote his new book. The free eBook version of 'Acting in the Real World: The Film Professional's Guidebook to the Job of Acting' is available online at:

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D.L. White