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Acting Resume and Military Experience

Answers to various acting questions I get from aspiring actors and actresses.

Q:  I am an aspiring actor who is going to be joining the Army National Guard fairly soon. I was wondering how casting directors react to military experience on a resume. Should I leave it out completely, let them know? What about when I'm training?

A:  You should absolutely list ANY real life experience you have on your acting resume! Whether it be rollerblading, ice hockey or military service, there are skill sets involved in each that can be of immense benefit to a film or television producer, so don't be shy...even if it's something you think sounds silly (i.e., driving a stick shift.) 

As to the active reserve status, again you absolutely have to tell the movie producers or casting people about that as well. I would wait until they offer you the acting gig before you inform them of your possible scheduling conflicts. As a general rule, they can probably work out any difficulties shy of you getting called up for foreign service. 

But, be prepared for it to be a deal breaker as well. 

Sometimes the nature of a film or television shoot entails you having a clear schedule for a set period of time. If your military service conflicts with that time period, you may end up losing an acting job over it. 

Whatever you do on either count, don't lie! 

Hope this helps and best of luck out there.


As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, or would just like to share some of your successes, please feel free to drop me a line.  I actually answer them.

Best of Luck out there and remember, you can't fail if you don't quit.

D.L. White