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Acting Tips And How To's: AUDITIONING

Acting Tips: How To Audition

Acting How To: Handling Audition Pressure

Acting How To: Your First Audition

Acting How To: Getting Auditions

Auditioning For College "Published Plays"

Audition Monologues For Women

Choosing A Monologue For An Actress

Professional Acting and the Reality of Casting


Acting Tips And How To's: ACTING CLASSES

Acting Tips: Film Acting Schools

Acting Tips: Acting And Modeling

Acting Tips: How To Find And Choose An Acting Class Or School

Acting How To: The College Degree

On Camera Acting Classes

Acting How To: Getting Started In Acting

Education For Acting And Directing

Meisner Master Class On DVD

Best Acting Technique

The Pros and Cons of 'Method Acting'

Choosing An Acting Class


Acting Tips And How To's: GETTING STARTED

How To Become An Actor Or Actress

Acting Tips: Top 5 Acting Tips

Acting Tips: Acting Agencies

Acting Tips: Getting An Agent

Acting Tips: The Acting Resume

Acting Tips: Being Professional

Acting How To: Steps to the Big Screen

Acting How To: Getting Headshots

Acting How To: Tips for a Young Actor

Best City For Acting

Acting and Stage Fright

Acting in the Real World

Acting for the Disney Channel

Acting: Have You Got What It Takes?

3 Tips To Help Launch An Acting Career


Acting Tips And How To's: MISCELLANEOUS

Acting Tips: Does Being Dark Skinned Hurt Your Chances?

Acting Tips: Full Time Acting And Having A Day Job

Acting Tips: Does Having A Unique Face Help In Hollywood?

Acting Resume And Military Experience

11 Jobs That Can Help You Stay Focused On Your Acting

Acting Tips: Meisner Prep And Crying On Cue


Press Releases

Hollywood Hopefuls Given Acting Primer, Free Dose Of Reality


Acting Questions And Answers From My Readers

Acting At A Local Playhouse - A Good Career Move?

Am I Too Old To Start An Acting Career?

I Feel Like I Need To Get Into Acting - Now What?

Do I Need To Pay Money To Go To Acting School?

How Important Is An Early Start To An Acting Career?

How Should I Learn My Lines?

Help! I Really Want To Act, But I Look Terrible!

I Already Have A Commercial Agent, But I Want To Do Film And TV

Help! I Have No Experience And I'm Asian, What Do I Do?

Help! I'm Only Sixteen, But I Want To Start Acting RIght Now!

Is Acting A Good Career Path?

I Want Meisner Training. Also, My Friends Think I'm Stupid For Trying Acting...Am I?

I Am Indian, But I Never Indians In Prominent Roles...Is Hollywood Rascist?

How Do I Succeed At Acting? Is It Sensible To Even Pursue Acting At All?

Is Making It In Hollywood All About "Who You Know?"

Help! I'm Terrified Of Speaking In Front Of People But I Really Want To Act, What Should I Do?

How Do I Overcome My Lack Of Acting Experience?

Is Meisner Training Effective? Does It Hinder An Actor's Ability?

I Always Dreamed Of Acting, But Never Tried, Now I'm Ready, What's Next?

Acting Statistics - How Many People Actually "Make It" In Acting?

I Have An Offer To Do Reality TV, Will Taking The Gig Ruin My Acting Career?

When Should I Get An Agent? Are Casting Workshops Worth The Money?

I Am A Struggling Actress, Should I Just Move To Los Angeles Anyway?

An Actor Told Me College Is A Waste For Acting, Is He Right?

Are Film And Television Auditions Cold Reads? Do I Need A Monologue?

I Have A Great Acting Resume From Back East. How Hard Is The Move To LA?

I'm Moving To Los Angeles For My Acting Career, Where Should I Live?

Acting Lessons For My Six Year Old?

I Heard There Was A Lot Of Acting Work In New Orleans, But They're All From LA!

I Know I'm Meant To Be An Actor, But I Wonder If Acting Schools Are A Scam?

Professional Ice Skater Wants To Become An Actress, What Now?

European Actress Wants To Move To America, But How?

I Have An Agent, But I Hate My Look, WIll I Ever Book Acting Work?

Should I Do Independent Films To Help My Acting Career?

I Had A Great Acting Opportunity When I Was Young, But Lost Touch, Now What?

My Acting School Charges Money To Be In A Short Film, Should I Pay?

Getting Started In Acting Later In LIfe, Is It Worth It?

I'm 41 And Don't Have Time To Waste, Is It Worth It To Pursue Acting?

I'm 15 And Want To Act, But My Parents Won't Help Me, What Should I Do?

I Hate Acting In Plays, But I Want To Show My Acting Chops, What Should I Do?

What Is SAG? When Should I Join SAG? What is IMDB?


As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, or would just like to share some of your successes, please feel free to drop me a line.  I actually answer them.

Best of Luck out there and remember, you can't fail if you don't quit.

D.L. White