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"Acting for Film and Television" is one of the best explanations of the job I've ever read."
Bob Fraser, Television Producer

"Acting for Film and Television"should be required reading for any actor who wants to know what to do on set."
Cynnie Troup, Script Supervisor

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Take your acting to the next level! Learn how to go from the stage to the screen. Find out the behind the scenes reality of the business...what to do, what not to do and most important of all, how to have an acting career.

Acting For Film And Television

    Detailed information on the real life working conditions and expectations actors face on the professional sound stage. Learn what a film or television crew needs and why.....$12.95

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Amazing Auditions

    A wonderful collection of compelling and powerful monologues for women. Get an inside look at the audition techniques that the pros study and use to launch their careers....$12.95

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Focus And Concentration For Actors

    Practical excercises and motivational tips for any actor. Easy daily routines will enable the reader to harness their abilities to focus singularly and concentrate without distraction....$12.95

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The Actor's Bundle - Best Value

Get all three and save! Buy Amazing Auditions, Acting for Film and Television and Focus And Concentration Skills For Actors eBooks together for only $24.95, a $38 value.

Acting For Film and Television plus 44 Fantastic Monologues  plus Focus and Concentration Skills

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Give them a try, risk never know where the road might lead. Just be sure to remember me in your Oscar speech! ;)

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