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"I downloaded your excellent eBook "Acting for Film and Television" this morning and couldn't put it down. It is one of the best explanations of the job I've ever read." 

Bob Fraser, Television Producer (IMDB profile)

film acting "...Acting isn't a dream, it's a multi-billion dollar a year reality.  Learn step by step how to make your acting career a reality..."

Start learning what it really takes to succeed in this industry. What happens on set, why it happens, who you work with and what they need, it's all here.

- Do you want a realistic shot at a viable, sustainable acting career? 

- Do you want to spend the next ten years figuring it out on your own the hard way? 

- Do you even know where to start? 

Learn what you HAVE to know to work as an actor in film or TV!

It always breaks my heart to watch really talented and motivated actors and actresses become overwhelmed and disillusioned by this industry.  It's so unfortunate that most people who embark on an acting career don't realize the importance of the practical job skills required of professional actors.

It was and will always be my hope that "Acting for Film and Television" will be some small measure of help and hope to those dedicated individuals that choose this most difficult of life pursuits.

As such, this book covers what most leave to do the job!  Inside you will learn:

- How decisions are made regarding hiring new talent.

- What is expected of you during an audition and what the casting people need.

- The actual, functional job skills required of a professional actor.

- The actual job skills required to keep booking work.

- The difference between film and television acting.

- Step by step examples of what it's like to work on a film or television soundstage.

- Simple exercises you can do for free to learn these necessary skills.

- The reality of this business and what success in acting will take, plus much more.

This business isn't about luck...well, maybe a little

That would literally be like saying Tiger Woods gets "lucky" when he wins a golf tournament.  Acting takes work and real job skills, just like any other trade. The real difference here is that most jobs don't involve hundreds of millions of dollars riding on your ability to execute those skills.

Think about it, a film production can cost $700 per minute. No one has the time or the money to explain to you how to do your job. They just expect you to know it when you show up. If you show up and don't know how to do the job, they won't book you on the next one. Simple as that.

Unfortunately for most people, the only way to get those job skills is to be working as an actor under professional filming conditions.  In fact, most actors and actresses will spend the better part of ten years acquiring those job skills, piece by piece, from the gigs they book.  It's all been trial and error until now.

Elite job skills and unparalled industry access

Most books on acting tend tofall into two categories:

1- Acting technique

2- Getting started in the business

They both have their functions in the world of the beginning actor.  But neither one will give you what you need to make a real career of it.  Yes, one needs a good acting technique to have reliable, repeatable performances.

And, yes, learning how to get headshots and finding auditions and getting agents and learning where all the cool bars that stars hang out in are all fun things to learn.  But they don't have anything to do with the job of acting.  That's all MARKETING material.  Do you need it?  Of course, but look around you...everybody in town has that crap.  

How many of them are working as actors for a living?

"...Film production can cost over $700 per minute, no one has time to tell you how to do your acting job, they just expect you to know how to do it..." acting television

This is where "Acting for Film and Television" comes in and fills the gap.  There's almost nothing in this book about headshots or agents or emotional technique.  It's simply the job of the professional actor.  How to do it and why you have to do it that way.  Real world examples of real world situations that you will come across on film and television soundstages.  Remember, acting isn't a's a multi-billion dollar a year reality that professional people do for a living.

Every single day in this town.

Don't you think you should at least learn what they know?  If you take the time to really master the job skills that are laid out in this ebook, you will be giving yourself a real shot at actually making a career in this industry.  If you're not quite convinced, check out the free preview.  I am quite confident that once you read the preview, you will see that this book is unlike the any other out there.

And seriously think about this...spend $12.95 to save yourself a few years of heartache, disillusionment and wasted time and effort?  Seems like a deal to me.

More praise for "Acting for Film and Television"

"Acting for Film and Television" is just great.  So often I see new actors and actresses just get thrown into these professional situations and it's so overwhelming for them.  This book should be required reading for any actor who wants to know how to do the job right" - Cynnie Troup, Script Supervisor (IMDB profile)

Easy ordering, be reading in seconds flat

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As always, please feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts, questions or concerns.  I actually answer them.

Best of Luck out there and remember, you can't fail if you don't quit.

D.L. White

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Acting For Film And Television

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Acting for Film and Television