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Focus And Concentration Skills For Actors

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Thanks for checking out Focus and Concentrations Skills For Actors. Something I learned while I was studying acitng is that your ability to Focus and Concentrate is KEY!

To become successful in any endeavor you must first learn how to properly focus and concentrate on whatever it is you happen to be working on. The actor that is able to focus fully and effectively utilizes all of their positive and constructive cognitive abilities while shutting the door on all the negative and destructive ones. Even the greatest actor alive would accomplish nothing if he or she lacked the ability to concentrate well.

Do you always focus on the negative?

It seems odd that it is easier to concentrate on something negative about ourselves, than it is to concentrate on the positive within us. The mere fact that we can focus so intently on the negative shows that our skills of concentration are actually quite acute, but it's occurring sub-consciously. When we learn to harness that power and concentrate consciously you begin to shut out the negative and instead allow yourself to truly focus on the positive aspects of your life and career. wonderful things begin to happen.

As actors, we all know too well how easy it is to become discouraged and disillusioned in this business.  Imagine how much better you acting career will become when you are able to lock out all of those negative thought processes from you life. The jitters before an audition, the self-consciousness in the audition and the constant self-doubt after the audition are all real problems that every actor faces every day. And, that's just one small part of the job of the actor!

Rule your thoughts, don't let them rule you!

Many actors will sub-consciously allow themselves to focus on those problems for days or even weeks on end. Imagine how much energy gets wasted on dealing with and trying to overcome all of that negativity. Of course one would become disillusioned! How could you not? Think about it, if you concentrated that much on the negative at school, in a relationship or any aspect of life you couldn’t help but become discouraged.

In addition to that, imagine never dropping a line ever again! Or, being able to scan a page of dialogue and be ready to go in a few quick seconds! These are real world problems that all actors have to deal with, and your working contemporaries already have those skills in place. Many actors have struggled with these self-same problems in their careers, and you too may be one of them right now.

But it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Simple, but powerful exercises you can do right now!

Focus and Concentration Skills for Actors will show you real world methods of learning to Consciously Concentrate and virtually unlock that power within you. The tendency to focus on the negative will finally be overcome and you may then free up all of that lost energy and apply it to the positive forces in your life.

If you aren't able to hold your focus and concentration for long at first, don't worry. Honestly, there aren't many who can, but if you will just practice a few simple exercises each day you will find that you too will soon develop this wonderful power.

You'll also learn to develop that snapshot memory that producers and directors just love. Incorporate these exercises into your daily routine, and you too can become that actor that literally amazes the producers and directors with your ability to focus on your task and retain vital information that makes the shoot go faster. Those kinds of impressions make you memorable and more importantly, they make you valuable to a producer or director.

Based on the landmark book "The Power of Concentration", but modernized and tailored to the unique needs of entertainment professionals, Focus and Concentration Skills for Actors will show you the very same principles and methods that I have used to overcome my own negativity and become successful in my own right.  It is my sincerest wish that this information proves as valuable to you as it has been for me.

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As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, or would just like to share some of your successes, please feel free to drop me a line.  I actually answer them.

Best of Luck out there and remember, you can't fail if you don't quit.

D.L. White

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